Say it with real meaning!

I was taught to ride at 21, by a Mr. Quinn, at the Park Lane Stables. After a few rides he asked me ‘Do you want to be taught how to ride, or, do you want to be taught how to ride?’

He had asked me the same question, but twice. I have to say that the second time he asked, it was with more energy and enthusiasm, so I went for that one.

And it made Mr. Quinn pleased. He explained that there nothing wrong with riding the first way, but that the second way meant that I really wanted to be able to really ride; not just hack.

The following weeks were tough! I came off on 12 rides consecutively. There were two reasons: one, that I was learning fast and, two, the more I improved, the better horse I was given to ride.

Of course it could have been that I was just a bad rider, but from ride 13 I’ve rarely come off again!

When the autumn arrives, and the bad weather, the number of riders really drops off; mainly those that just go out for a nice comfortable hack, don’t like cold, wet rides. And, that is perfectly fine, but the horses still need to be exercised. So they are often led out in a string.

Well, one morning Mr. Quinn offered me a deal. I could ride every day if I liked, as long as I still took my one paid-for lesson.

I jumped at the chance and was soon riding every day. I loved it.

We now jump a lot of years forward. Park Lane Stables was still a stables I thought of, and I loved seeing their horses on the roads, and being ridden in Bushy Park.

Park Lane Stables

Then, one day I heard, they were going to lose their stable and Park Lane Stables might come to an end. I would have hated that.

They needed to raise a million pounds and did everything they could. Not that I could do much, but I shared their Facebook news and popped into see them, and donated some of my Bonzo and Her Grace books, to help raise money. Plus, of course, I told lots of people about what they were hoping to do.

It took a long time, and some incredible support, but finally they made it, and now the stable is safe for life.

Now, what might this have to do with your business?

Well, if Mr. Quinn, and the Park Lane Stable, had not said all things with a real meaning, then they probably wouldn’t exist today.

So, does everything you and your staff say, have a real meaning? As if it does your success will be far greater than if it doesn’t.