My name is David Wimblett and I live in Chilworth, Surrey with my wife and we have four grown-up sons.

My background

I started my first business as a 21 year old in printing and have always run my own businesses since. Although, at times, it has been very hard work and even challenging, I love the freedom and variety it has given me, as well as the rewards.

In 2006 I became a Director Consultant for BNI. Since then I have helped 100s of business owners to grow their businesses by giving them support, training and mentoring. I have run workshops on networking skills, presentation skills, marketing, goal setting, leadership skills and team building. I look after the Surbiton chapter of BNI and am currently building a new chapter in Guildford, Surrey.

As a business mentor I firmly believe that everybody in business should have a business mentor, certainly at some point, someone who has done what they are doing already; someone that has learnt from being in business themselves. I help my clients with real practical knowledge that works, gained from over 30 years of working for myself.

Hobbies and interests

I have so many! Skiing and sailing I love. But I also enjoy karting, football, basketball, tennis, photography, cooking, walking, riding my bikes and writing. I have written two business books and one children’s book. Currently I am trying to learn to play the drums.

My goals

One of my biggest goals was to own a classic car. I recently achieved this and now have a beautiful 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback.

Two current goals are to learn how to fly a glider, (I had my first lesson late last year), and to ride on the Darjeeling Railway.

Long term my goal is easy, as it’s to enjoy life as I have always done, which I hope will include a week skiing, at my favourite resort Les Deux Alpes, in March, and then in September a couple of weeks sailing off Corfu, every year.